Nothing To Say

Wish I had a good story to tell, but, alas and anon, I do not. Not too terribly much has been happening these days. Just reading (currently Brick Lane by Monica Ali), getting lost in Stars Hollow with The Gilmore Girls and generally laying around.

Every other day or so, I make the 40 minute hike into town on some trumped up errand just to get out of the hotel. This weekend we had friends in town visiting and that was a nice change of pace but they are gone now, sightseeing around the island.

On Saturday we leave Dublin and arrive in Rome. Hopefully, I will have some interesting stories from that experience. In fact, I’m sure of it. At the very least, I’ll have pictures. We will also be in Venice and I understand this is the time of year for flooding, so we will get a neat perspective of the city.

So, yeah, nothing’s changed. Still no top sheet or service, no ManOnTheCorner but good Trad Music isn’t hard to find – “Bring back, bring back, bring back my Bonny to me, to me!”.

Wish I had something more to give. :<

Pretty flowers I see on my walk into town.

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