Ode To Joy: Part Duex

I had a birthday this past weekend and even though I have to get older with each one, it’s always nice to be reminded that people like me, they REALLY like me!! :> All day long my cell phone was ringing and my inbox was fillig up with well wishes AND even a poem was written for and about me!!

It is such a wonderful poem by dear, sweet Carrie Howell (you may remember her from our adventures together in France) that I had to post it on my blog. (Did I mention it’s all about ME?!):

With a golden sheen in her auburn hair,
And chocolate eyes set in a face so fair,
She lights up any room with her seductive grin,
Enjoying her beauty becomes a guilty sin.

Whether she’s strolling down warm Savannah streets
Or makeing her bed with new Egyptian sheets
Or casually laying on the beach in Cannes,
All can see – this is one amazing woman!

To say she’s a giver wouldn’t be sufficient,
She’ll sacrifice it all -’til she’s deficient.
A more perfect friend one could not find.
She’s patient, perceptive, fun and kind.

I hope this adoration doesn’t her annoy.
So we say to her . . .

“Happy Birthday, Joy!”

Now that’s a poem, folks!! :>

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