Terribly sorry I haven’t posted in SO LONG. I’ve extended my trip to Paris and France in general, so have limited time to post and it is non possible to post any pix to the picture page sans equipment.

Chad, meanwhile is back in Dublin working while I continue my holiday with mon bon ami Carrie. We leave Paris on Saturday by car (a death wish!) and head to Avignon for a night and then on to Cannes for a few beach-filled jours.

Being in France is so many things, educational to say the least. My non-existent pre-Paris French is materializing before me. It is amazing how you can learn a language when you are put into situations where you must.

Hopefully, in the next few days, I can sit down and write a post about some of the funny “mis-communi-cot-she-ons” we’ve been having like last night when we were looking for Lappe Street (Rue de Lappe). I got tired of walking around trying to find this evasive yet happening pedestrian street, so I decided to ask directions (the woman in me, I guess):

Joy: Oo é Rue de Lappe? (which sounds like: Ooh a rue de Lap?)

Patient French man: Come? (Co-may)

Okay, I’m thinking, Come isn’t coming up in my mental list of French vocab, but it is coming up in my list of Italian (2 quarters in college not such a waste after all). Instead of finding a Frenchmen, I’ve come across an Italian tourist.

This is not a problem. I’m so good, I can switch languages – right on!

Joy: D’ove il Lappe? (Doh-vay ill Lap)

Italian, not French, man: (gesturing towards my Paris map)

By this time, Carrie has made it over and repeats Oo é Rue de Lappe? and I’m explaining that the guy’s not French after all, he’s Italian because when I asked that he said “Come” and that’s Italian, right? So Carrie checks . . .

Carrie: Italiano?

Italian man: No.

Carrie: Francais?

The no longer Italian man suddenly speaks perfect Anglais: Yes. Let me see the map.

Color me embarrassed. Ah, well, this is how one learns, oui?

Tonight Carrie and I are going back to Rue de Lappe and will be OFB, that is “Out for Business” (i.e. clubbing with a purpose). Should be fun to see what Paris nightlife has to offer!


P.S. Check out Carrie’s Musings for even more insights into being a American girl in Paris.

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  1. nin Says:

    hey nice post….
    keep it up…..

  2. JoyLuck Says:

    Thanks for the props! I’ll try.

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