Pigtails Are Here!

There comes a time in every little girl’s life where she must learn to wear pigtails with pride. For Clara Louise Fisher, that time has come . . .

She doesn’t understand, though, why some people yell out, “Pippi!” when the see her. “Lord knows,” I say to her quizical glance.

And to think the following pictures were taken in our backyard only a few months ago. How quickly she changes!

Darling, aren’t they? Well, I may be biased but there is one family member who IS NOT impressed AT ALL with my little sweetie pie.

I can come up with any number of things Cinder might be thinking about Clara in this photo. Specifically, I imagine Cinder often looks at my daughter and sees a tasty, juciy, plump chicken leg, not unlike the feelings Newman had for Kramer in one infamous epy of Seinfeld.

(If you like the pictures, live up here in the greater Seattle area and you have a baby or a pet that you’d like photographed, these were taken by Gwen’s brother’s girlfriend Kellie. She’s going to take the plunge in the near future and try her hand at making a living by selling her photography. I can put you in touch with her if you like, just let me know.)

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