See Us Play

Summertime means playtime for the House of Fisher. See for yourself . . .

Father/Daughter Swing in Leavenworth:
Me holding 5 week old Evan Ling last week at Greenlake:
Click over to the Ling Family Blog for more pix of our recent playdate at Greenlake with Angela & Ava, Jenn & Evan, and Gwen & Jack too!

And today we went to Carter Christiansen’s first birthday party. Fun times!!

You’ll shoot your eye out, Carter! (There wasn’t really a gun in there, just Carter’s grandpa teasing the parentals :>)

Jenn & Evan:
Josh & Nadia:
Amy & Josie:
Nicki & Addison:
Not sure who they are:

And, the newly engaged, very soon to be married couple – Jenny & Justin. Their wedding is on the 8th, so I’ll no doubt have pictures to share from that big event in a few weeks:
But the fun doesn’t end there, oh no. On Friday, we are off to Seaside, Oregon for our annual trip with the 3 other families of Chad’s pre-school group. Not aware of this annual trip for us? Well, here are some “blast from the past” pix to give you an idea of what’s in store for us . . .


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