She would have been 95 today . . .

. . . and it’s hard to believe she’s been gone almost a year already.  It doesn’t seem like that much time could have passed without her here.  Though in the end, it wasn’t much of a life she was living in the nursing home, truth be told.

My grandmother, my mom’s mother, was the matriarch of that side of the family for so many years and I like to think we honored her that way.  The pastor at her funeral noted that she “invested in her grandchildren.”  She really knew each of us and offered sage advice and wanted to hear our stories.  She was full of life that way.  But, she was living in the past more and more and seeing her become more confused about what was real and what was not was hard to watch for all of us, I think.

I have a sense of peace when I think of her, knowing that when she passed she was not alone and was surrounded by children and grandchildren who loved her, even enjoying her favorite dessert of vanilla ice cream.  She taught me so much and there is so much about her I want to emulate for my own family.  I miss her and regret not spending more time with her when I was younger, before I had moved across the country.  She had that infinite country wisdom about things that I wish I had paid more attention to while I had the chance.  That is my only regret, that I didn’t spend more time and pay more attention to the little details and the ways she had of making everything special.

She left us in March of 2011, yet it still it seems like just yesterday.

Weep deeply.

A terrible malady took her mind,

Left no thought of present time,

But remembered for all that went before,

What followed of consequence no more.

Weep deeply.

Weep gently.

Remember now those festive meals,

so lovingly prepared with her special skills.

Shared both by family and by friend,

Created with love that had no end.

Weep gently.

Weep quietly.

Think now upon her with love,

Remembering all she did for others.

For certainly now she dwells above,

In that special place reserved for mothers.

Weep quietly.

– excerpt from a poem written by my father, Cecil R. Kersey

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  1. Mike Says:

    Thanks Joy you did a very very good job. mike

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