Simpson Day

Help me! I’m living in Dublin, Ireland and I can’t get off the couch because I’ve been watching the Simpsons all day. Not Homer and Marge (although the are on a lot here in the evenings). No, I’m talking about Nick & Jessica.

“Newlyweds” has been playing all day on MTV UK. I just can’t risk missing an episode of Nick & Jessica’s antics to go out and sightsee. You see, I’m totally behind on this season, possibly its last, and it just started here in the UK & Ireland (it premiered in January in the States).

Interesting thing about Ireland TV is that it is mostly run out of the UK and mostly it is American shows and movies (all a little behind in their premiering). There is a Gaelic channel and there are some Irish soap operas but it’s like they’ve been filmed for a college class project and someone thought everyone would be interested. Not so. Irish Soaps are nothing at all like the soap operas in the States in terms of production quality. Same cheesy storylines though.

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  1. Carrie Howell Says:

    You are so funny and such a great writer. It puts way too much pressure on me to keep up my blog so that I don’t lookl like a dweeb compared to you. I think you are the on;y person reading my blog, though. Oh well. Happy viewing!

  2. JoyLuck Says:

    I love your blog. I can’t believe I’m the only one of our friends who is reading it. It was neat to read your thoughts on the Chicago Stadium. You made me feel like even I would have a good time there! :>

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