Something Rotten In The State of Burien? (And It Ain’t Eggs)

I now know why Clara was so afraid of the Easter Bunny!

Look closely again at the picture we got with him ONLY because I was holding Clara (she would not let go of me when I tried to set her in his lap):

Notice how both of us instinctively lean as far away from him as possible – like we know SOMETHING’S not right. Now, look at Brayden (BFF Nicole’s newbie) with his Easter Bunny:

Now, which one of these bunny’s looks like he could be your fluffier-than-usual grandpa and which one looks like he was raised by a dysfunctional family of IT the clown and Bert from Sesame Street? Bert’s not the only evil children’s character in B-town. I’ll bet my chocolate bunny on that!

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