Sometimes Medicine Tastes Bad, But You Have To Swallow It

Who’s lookin’ tha fool now? What is especially interesting to me is all the “experts” on the other side in the montage who refused to follow Peter’s logic and even went so far as to blatantly laugh in his face as an attempt to make him look like a fool. It almost makes me wonder if they had some stake in keeping the consumers in the dark, like, “Peter, we WILL shut you down! You’re going to scare the consumers! Are you crazy!” I don’t know. I do know that my trust in the government is sooo low right now. And I do mean GOVERNMENT. I’m TOTALLY crossing party lines on this one. My distrust is completely bipartisian at this point.

Also, may I state that I in no way, shape or form, do I believe that the government should give the big three automakers any of that bailout money. But, since no one in WA is listening to me anyway, I’ll just stop there and spare you the rest of the post about why.

Plus, our little micro economy here at The House Of Fisher is struggling, so I need to get back to focusing on the stuff we can, or like to think we can, control.

Whose ready for Christmas!

(Come back tomorrow and I promise to have posted something upbeat, probably about Clara.)

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