Southern Exposure

Just a random posting to prove to my Northwestern peeps that Southerners fry EVERYTHING – even Salmon:

4 Responses to “Southern Exposure”

  1. Carrie Howell Says:

    Again, DIRT! Why would you RUIN fish by saturating it in fat??? THis is why you will never find a Fry Daddy in Seattle.

  2. JoyLuck Says:

    Oh, Carrie, never say never. If you come to my house after I get back you will find that Fry Daddy (wink).

  3. Jack Taylor Says:

    Years ago, before there was any Joy in our lives, we used to ride the train from Atlanta’s Brookwood Station to Greenville, SC and bicycle back. At the overnight stop in, I believe, Gainesville, Georgia, there was a restaurant where everything on the menu was either deep-fried or could be ordered so. They would also deep-fry anything you brought yourself. A sign inside daringly proclaimed “If you can get it through the door, we will deep-fry it for you.”

  4. JoyLuck Says:

    Nice! I wonder it that place is still around. If so, I’ll have to find it and check it out the next time I’m home! :>

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