I hope all y’all have been keeping up with Carrie’s Musings and enjoying them as I have. My great uncle is a poet himself and has a wonderful peom called “Spring”.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that with the time change that the days are getting longer. Each day as I’m walking around Dublin, I’m noticing that the birds are out singing and so I thought it would be appropriate to post his “Spring” poem here for y’all to enjoy:

Spring has come to all the world,
Now that winter has come and gone,
Each little twig now has a bud,
The birds are building homes.

Rain drops come pattering down,
On fields so grassy green,
Showers of blessing they spread around,
And over flow the streams.

Each little flower in the meadow,
Lifts its sleeping head,
To greet the warm spring weather,
All winter they have been dead.

The fisky squirrels with tails so long,
Are happy as can be,
They too have spent the winter at home,
Hidden way up in a tree.

Spring gives life to every thing,
That has a life to live,
Even you and I and lesser things:
The clover and the daffodils.

By H. M. Kersey, Stockbridge, Georgia

2 Responses to “SPRING”

  1. Carrie Howell Says:

    I think I might use this as an example for how to write an imagist poem…

  2. JoyLuck Says:

    What a complement. I can’t wait to tell my Papa that he is being used in the schools!! Thanks, Carrie!

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