Summa Happenings

Well, Seattle’s weather may not be co-operating, but as everyone is in denial, calendars are filling up with summer fun and vacays. We’ve gotten to visit with two groups at the Seattle airport as they have headed home from Alaska cruises. In May, we saw Praful and Chetna (Yashan’s parents):

And today we spent an hour or so with my uncle Ross and cousins Sheryl, Mark, Hammy and Emmie:

It is nice to live so close to the airport for moments like these! I admit, seeing them makes me a bit more homesick than I already was and am looking forward to our trip home in late September; I can already picture Clara riding around on a tractor in my grandmother’s pasture.

Yes, something like that. Taken at Woodland Park Zoo yesterday morning. Yesterday. When it was supposed to be sunny and nice but was chilly at 52 instead. Granted by the afternoon the temperature had increased by 10 degrees. That’s something, I suppose.

At the Zoo, Clara got the opportunity to pet the goats, which she really enjoyed:

As well as see the flamingos and came home with a stuffed souvenir of her own:

The day before, we went to the Luna Park Cafe, a 50’s style diner, and Clara, Jack and Evan enjoyed a ride in the batmobile:

That afternoon, Clara and I played in the backyard while Evan and Jack enjoyed themselves at a nearby park. I love Evan in his wife-beater. He’s gonna be the tough guy (but in a good way), I can already tell.

And Jack, like Clara, loves him some slide!

Jenn talks more about their adventures at the park on her blog.

Summa, summa, summa-time!!!

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