Summer Is My Favorite Week Of The Year!

If you’ve been reading this blog, then this is not the first time you’ll have heard me complain about the lack of summer in Seattle. It will come as no surprise that Seattle bypassed Spring in April, May and June by extending winter a few extra months. Then, FINALLY, in July, it moved right into . . . Spring?

Better late than never? Um, no, but I’ll take it. You may remember the letter to Seattle I wrote back in April, strongly advising “the Emerald City” to shape up or ship out when it came to complaining about the “heat.” Seattle did not head my warning and we have suffered for it.

Along these lines, an article from The Naked Loon was brought to my attention today:

Totally Normal Wet, Gray Weather Surprises Forgetful Seattle Residents
by Frigyes Karinthy

Article Excerpt:
Much to the dismay of the recent California migrants that make up 60% of the Seattle-area population, recent Puget Sound weather patterns continue to show no sign of shifting from “gray with drizzle” to “partly gray.” In what should come as a surprise to absolutely no one—cloudy skies, rain, and 60-degree weather continue to persist in the Seattle area as the technical start of “summer” rapidly approaches. Despite the incredible normality of this phenomenon, the dreary weather is the number one topic of conversation for most area residents heading into what promises to be yet another damp, gray weekend. “I know it doesn’t normally come until July or August, but I wish summer would just hurry up and get here already,” said Dupont resident Stacey Cassel. “Summer is my favorite week of the year,” she added.

Other great quotes from the article include:

“I don’t get it,” said Starla Maier, a recent transplant from San Diego. “I thought November was only thirty days long, not over two hundred.”

“I’m not a human almanac or anything,” said Ken Harding, an REI salesman from Redmond, “but I’m pretty sure spring is usually nicer than this.” If by “is usually nicer” Harding meant “has more rain and is generally colder,” then his assessment is indeed correct.

“If the sun doesn’t come out soon,” said Cassel, “I may have to complain on my blog.”

True Dat, Cassel.

*Thanks to Carrie Howell (probably a fake name) who claims me as a friend for bringing this article to my attention.

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