Super Bowl Fun-day

Chad invited folks to the house to watch the Super Bowl. I’m not much of a football fan, but there’s no rooting for the Steelers in the city of Seattle after the Seahawks run-in with them three years ago. So, by default we were a house full of Cardinal fans. Here’s some pix of all the “excitement.”

Jenny, who brought the fabulous lemon cake. That’ll make a football fan out of me!
Riveted: (Rt. to lft.) Chad, Dan, Nelly:
Ryan, working the cross-word (just like his dad) during this “high stress” game:
Justenny (as Clara calls them) or, individually, Justeene and Jenny:
Finally, some excitement right before half time:
. . . and again in the last 40 seconds:
Big boo, the Steelers won. Now Seahawk and Cardinal fans can share in their hatred of Pittsburgh. Go team!

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