The answer is blowing in the wind

I’m so excited about this mobile that I just purchased for Sydney’s room at The Wonderland Studio’s Etsy shop.  It is mesmerizing, especially at 3 a.m. going on only a few hours of sleep. It twists and twirls so lazily over the crib; I love it! And so does miss Clara. She wants one for her room now, so I think I know what Santa will be bringing . . . I’m even thinking about getting one to hang over my desk. These mobiles are super cool and not just for kids, I’d say!


Oh, and, if you are interested, the I got the prints on the wall in the background through an Etsy shop as well – Cosas Minimas by Blancha Gomez.  They are “Rainy Day”, “Summer Girl” and “Monsieur I.”

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