The Best

So, has anyone noticed the new layout of my blog?!?! ‘Cause I haven’t heard one comment, not one peep (Peeps – the BEST thing about Easter!) from anyone but myself on how much cooler my blog is now!

I spent the day, bizarrely, going through my old travel blog A Southerner In Ireland and updating it’s layout, even though no one, including myself, reads it anymore. I kind of figure that I’ll keep it so that we must do more long term traveling in the future – even with kids! I can see the next post now . . . Welcome to Wally World!!

Anywho, I basically spent the day looking at all the pix I took back in ’05 when we were living in Europe. Below are my Top 5. The BEST, most artsy, pictures that I took while I was there. Enjoy the pretty pictures!

Blue Door. Dublin, Ireland:
Rays. Rome, Italy.
The Lookout. Venice, Italy:
Shade. Cannes, France:
Breezy. Paris, France:

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