The Crow Flies At Dawn

My mother is now part of a secret society.  Well, no, it’s not really a secret, but what they do, I couldn’t tell you.  They claim to go out to lunch, a group of 50+ year old women wearing audacious red hats and purple clothing.  You may have heard of them, even seen them one afternoon while out to lunch yourself. They call themselves The Red Hat Society.

What do they discuss during these lunches? Besides lunch, what other types of gatherings do they attend? Do they have to memorize passwords like “The crow flies at dawn” or “The cow is in the cornfield?”  Where do they find all those red hats?  And don’t they know that red and purple don’t match?

These questions and more I can not get my mother to answer.  When asked who else is in her RHS group she vaugely responds “just some other women you don’t know.”  When asked what they are going to do that afternoon, another vauge response, “Oh, you know, the usual.”


By the looks of the above picture, the almost defensive stance, with her hand on her bag like she might, just might, be packing heat, I have to wonder what “the usual” really is.  Craft Stores around the country, be on notice! You may want to focus the cameras on those silk irises priced at 40% off.  With deals like that, your local RHS chapter may have you in their sights. I’m just saying.

Here’s hoping a mug shot of my mother on a Wanted poster doesn’t end up on the nightly news any time soon. If it should, mom, you know you can crash at our place in Seattle for a while, but they’ll come looking here for you soon enough. They always start with who you know.


2 Responses to “The Crow Flies At Dawn”

  1. Alice Says:

    Be worried about an Officer calling at the door if my mum was in one of those

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