The Eye Of The Beholder

You wouldn’t think a bundt pan could send one’s heart a racing, but that’s just what happened one afternoon in the Salvation Army when I was perusing the housewares aisle and picked up a striking gradiant orange bundt pan.  To my surprise is was super heavy and did I mention the awesome color?

Don’t believe me? Well, let me tell you that right then and there I decided to start collecting these beauties and now I have about five in orange, green, yellow, cream and even a mini-Bundt(TM) pan also in cream.  And since then, I’ve come across two other yellows (currently listed in my shop) and just recently a red/orange one like the very one that set my heart a-twitter (just added to the shop).

Still not convinced I’m on to something? Ok, well, to each his own, but I did see another Etsy seller who makes some pretty cool lighting out of vintage finds, including bundt pans.  She made these a while back (they’ve now been sold):

Come on!  That’s TOTALLY cute and totally DIY-able.  Cuter, I must say, that the ones from Ikea (below and which they apparently don’t sell anymore) and way more one-of-a-kind.

I heart Vintage!


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