The Grape Doesn’t Fall Far From The Vine

We got back Sunday from the Seaside, OR weekend trip we do yearly with four other families. Here’s this year’s group photo:

(Left to right) Back row: Chad, Clara, Ned. 3rd-ish row: Suzie, Vonnie, Earl. 2nd row: Janet, Joy, Dana. Front row: Herb, Jane, Sawyer.


Rumor has it that this couple may have gotten engaged recently:

Chad and I were incidental, no detrimental, no monumental, NO INSTRUMENTAL (depends on who you ask) in getting Jeff and Theresa together at our Halloween party back in 2004. I love it when a plan comes together :)

CU-PID, please hear my cry-i-i
Draw back your bow-oh-whoa,
And let that arrow flow-oh-oh . . .

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  1. Theresa&Jeff Says:

    The rumors are true 😉 You WERE instrumental in getting us together!

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