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I got a comment on my last post, so I know at least one person is reading this blog!! Shout Out to Pammy! Actually, Suzanne left me a message that she is still speaking to me after reading it so I know that at least two people are reading it :)

Dad’s Status
They moved dad into a room the night before last and he’s eating solid foods and most of the many, many tubes are gone, so things are really looking good right now. They say if he keeps progressing like this he may come home in a week. Today is his 71st birthday so I took Clara to the hospital to surprise him for a few minutes and to remind him why he needs to get well soon!

Latest Business Venture
Okay, I have some business to take care of here. I want to plug Chad’s latest business venture – Seattle Cedar Company. We are going to try our hand at reselling cedar products such as benches, chairs, planters, bridges, etc. It makes sense with the fence business and we think we will find a market in those customers, as well as folks in the northwest looking for such items.

Chad has become a self-taught website designer and I must say his sites do look clean, nice and professional. (He does ask my opinion with some of the layout and color issues.) Anyway, he and Dan (friend and co-owner of the fence and paint companies) and Feline (office manager) came out to the house one afternoon in January to get pictures of the cedar products for the website. Clara, of course, wanted to direct the photoshoot and did a mighty fine job of it. See:

So check out and see what you think. (If you see any mistakes or have any suggestions, we’d appreciate hearing them. Thanks!)

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