The Never Ending Birthday

After school, some of Carrie, a.k.a. Mrs. Howell’s, students threw her a Belated Surprise Party. Of course, I was jealous and tried to steel her thunder by upstaging her in “Teacher Karaoke” to the Mariah Carey version of Mariah Carey’s Without You (a.k.a Ken Lee):

Clearly, I think I accomplished my goal:
Here’s Mrs. Howell with our school’s principal Ms. Spector:
Is it just me or is Mrs. Howell the very definition of “Teacher’s Pet”? (wink:)

Not to be outdone by me at her own party, Mrs. Howell gives lessons in the fine art of the “Walk Off”:
Then proves herself reigning right-armed Arm Wrestling Champ:
(However, it should be noted that this student schooled her in the left-arm competition shortly thereafter!)

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