The Stiletto in the Ghetto

Stiletto in the Ghetto Posted by Hello
AKA The Millennium Spire or The Monument of Light

It is a stainless steel spire that rises 394 feet at the intersection of Henry and O’Connell streets. This is my first “touristy” picture of the trip. We decided to explore this area to see how far a walk it would be from the apartment and to find a grocery store and some bed sheets. Dunes stores seem to have a monopoly on the true American style groceries here, but, even so, the concept of “one-stop shopping” has yet to hit Ireland.

On O’Connell Street there is the Dune’s that sells magazines upstairs and “special offers” downstairs. We were looking specifically for salt and on initial inspection thought for sure we would find it in the special offers section with the sugar and flour. But, alas, we apparently don’t understand the Irish concept of special offers. Do they put overstock items in such a section? Does everyone but the foreigners know that you can get sugar and flour as a special offer but that salt cannot be obtained here? How is such a decision come to? Why is salt deemed so unworthy in these parts, so disrespected that it is even denied its proper place as the primary ingredient of ketchup (after tomatoes, of course)?

We finally located the salt at the other Dune store four doors down the street. Here is where it was brought to our attention as we stood in the checkout line that the reason we couldn’t find a beer aisle was because it was 4 doors up the street at the Dune store we had just come from. We had been so intrigued by the special offers floor that we neglected to notice the beer and wine behind the magazines. Ah, well, before we leave, do you sell baking soda at this Dune location? Yes, if you mean baking powder or bread soda. Um, I’m not sure . . .

Today’s Observations – Breaking the Code Part Deux
Will we ever break the telephone code?

Our task, which we chose to accept, was to call Jane on her mobile (not cell) at 353 86 XXX XXXX*. We knew we were in Ireland so we shouldn’t need to dial the country code 353. No problem. Dial the rest then – 86 XXX XXXX. Not so much.

The trusty Texaco pay phone starts ringing the number before we can get that last pesky digit in. Inquiries with John, the manager, reveal that we have to tack on a leading zero before the 86. Obviously. So to call this mobile number, one must dial 086 XXX XXXX.

We still haven’t figured out how to use Chad’s calling card.

*Actual number has been deleted to protect the owner’s privacy.

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  1. Ahmad Says:

    Hi Graham mate, I’m glad that my weekend, is over esilcpaley now that I know Amanda is on next weekend I just hope they fix the web streams by then, I miss the Dynamic Duo’s live performances so much ..I bet you aint looking forward to next Friday Graham mate, I hope all goes well at the hospital and your back on the blog soon Dave A mate, thanks for the good news just a bit confused why he isn’t back with us and Matty mate, I’d never be rude to a true fan of Amanda but if I was confused about the Freeview channels before, I fuckin am now after reading your comment Lol Why is there another spare channel labelled BS2? BS2 is already on, isn’t it??? . Tony MrT

  2. Ketlen Says:

    hijust want to say that the video is a lovely touch to aladelry fab photos. and was wondering what program did you use to create the video as its my wifes 40th coming up soon and would love to do something like that for her. hope you dont mind me asking.keep up the good workpaul

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