This Week’s Tweets: 2012-03-24

  • happy st. patty's #
  • Co-parenting: I'm a fan. #
  • You know your're too rich when you are "arriving" at a party from upstairs. #RealHousewivesOfAtlanta #
  • lunch with the babe #
  • RT @iyampam mothers of teenagers know why animals eat their young. #
  • Chanting LET'S GO NIGHT-NIGHT, LET'S GO! has no effect on my kids. This is why I made fun of cheerleaders instead of becoming one myself. #
  • Seattle, your "first day of Spring" can bite me. #
  • First Day Of Spring = Hail, Seattle? Yeah. Obvs. #thismeanswar #
  • just do it #
  • ballet flats #
  • Per Equifax: "Did you know that your free annual credit report does not include your credit score?" WHEREIN I SCREAM AND PULL MY HAIR OUT. #
  • I feel pithy! Oh so pithy! I feel PITHY! And WITTY! And . . . gay. #
  • g'morning! #
  • Things that kindergartners say as a simple matter of fact: "I had a really awesome poop in there. You should light a match." #
  • Fabulous!!! #
  • I'm totally not asking for me, but hoarding's not so bad, right? #
  • Afternoon nap: Unconsiousness rulz!! #
  • asleep on the daybed #
  • Nothing like a house full of children to drive you into the arms of your lover: Wine. WHINE, I say! #
  • Y'all, there are WAY more than five guys here (tweeted from Five Guys Burgers and Fries). #

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