Thrift Love

I’ve been redecorating in the playroom/library/office/music room and decided to walk around taking pictures of some of my favorite thrifty finds in here.  I used the Hipstamatic App on my iPhone for the pictures (Lens: Buckhorst H1, Film: DreamCanvas, Flash: Off) and cropped them on my Mac in iPhoto:

My most recent find, this sunburst pottery piece was a no brainer from the local Value Village for $4.

I fell in love with the color of this vintage typewriter.  Paid $15 for it at Value Village.  I guess they knew it would be coveted by crazies like me.  Still, I get happy every time I look at it.  Plus, it makes me think of my mom as she worked in an office and when I was little I remember her typing things up and the keys just flying!

This AWESOME candelabra came from St. Vincent de Paul.  I passed it up the first time and found myself thinking about it later that day.  Thought sure it would be gone by the time I got back the next morning.  The hubby can’t imagine why I would think that OR make two trips for the thing.  My favorite holiday is Halloween and I think that is explanation enough.

The frames alone were worth this Goodwill purchase (as was the $2 price tag), but I am a  HUGE fan of Alice in Wonderland and so, again, these babies were a no brainer.

Last items for this post is to show off my Thermos(TM) collection.  I finally have a place to display them in a way that I love. So happy!!  This collection was inspired by the original Thermos(TM) that my father used when he hunted and that he painted smile-y faces and inspirational sayings on (back row, far right).  I confiscated it from him when I was in college.  My recent foray into the world of thrifting has me finding these beauties for $1 and $2 dollars a pop.  Looking at the collection as a whole, it’s easy to see that I’m drawn to the geometric patterns and blues.

So there is a peak at what kinds of things are flying off the shelves when I go thrift shopping!

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