Throwing Rocks

We had a big ol’ playdate today at Lincoln Park in West Seattle with JackGwen, CarterHi-Dee and EmmersonDee. Lincoln Park is on the Puget sound and has a couple playground areas, a saltwater pool and a wading pool, which much to our chagrin, was drained today. Still, the kids had fun throwing rocks on the beach while Dee and I memorexed the moment:

Dee captured these first three images. Clearly, she is an excellent photographer.

I managed to capture this one of Carter. Clearly, he is a serious little rock thrower:

I see tales of “three touchdowns in one game” in his future, Al Bundy style:

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  1. Jennifer Vogt Says:

    What a beautiful beach! Tyler would love all the rocks. I love the pictures. That sounds like a really neat park.

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