Tisk, Tisk, Seattle

Dearest Seattle,

Why do you complain when the warmth comes? The MidSeventies, after taking her cue from the ground hog this year, waited an excruciatingly long time to bare her skin in a pretty new sundress and you, Seattle, you took her for granted today. As though you think it a given that she will come back tomorrow. She may not.

TheSnow was here only two short weeks ago. Do you think he won’t come crawling back at the first hint you would have him? And Humidity – I actually heard you say his name aloud! After I stopped laughing I thought to ask how you could possibly think that Humidity (Humidity of all things!) came on the coattails of MidSeventies? How dare you even suggest it! Spend a day in Tampa in August and then we can discuss where Humidity rears his ugly head.

It’s true. Pollen seemed to arrive with MidSeventies, but you cannot blame her for his refusal to follow a restraining order. It is out of her control. Knowing what a sports fan he is, one could argue that Pollen’s arrival was correlated more so with the first games of the Mariners. Would you betray them because of it??? It’s true that complaints can be heard alongside the SoDo Mojo in the stands, but if there was a possibility that the Mariners would not play again tomorrow or next week, would that not affect the voracity with which you laid into them? Would you bite your tongue, just a little bit, and remember all the reasons you love them so? Like most sports fans, Seattle, you are superstitious and, therefore, I suggest, you would not jinx the Mariners by complaining of them upon their arrival just because Pollen chose to come to the games as well.

All I ask is that you show MidSeventies the same respect. TheEighties (and I’m not talking about the decade here) may come for a visit later this summer. Wouldn’t that be nice? A picnic just isn’t a picnic without “fun Eighties” after all. I’m sure CoolBreeze would not want to miss out on the good food and great laughs of a summer picnic. Please don’t jepordize the opportunity to have them here by gaining a reputation as an ungrateful host.

TheSnow, Cold, and Rain won’t be gone for long so don’t worry about them. The money will run out and living out of a suitcase will begin to take it’s toll. Vacations are nice, but sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti they will head back to their beloved Seattle sending MidSeventies and the rest south again sooner than one would expect (or hope).

Look, Seattle, I know you didn’t mean any harm by it. You probably had on a few too many layers because you just weren’t expecting her to be here and you were uncomfortable. She did not RSVP, after all. WeatherStation assured us all she would not make an appearance for a week or more at least. I get it. You, we, were unprepared. But, that does not excuse rude behavior. Seattle, I thought you knew better. Let’s all work just a bit harder to make her and her friends feel welcome in the next week or so as Cold and Rain finish packing and follow TheSnow to whichever destination it is they’ve chosen to enjoy this spring.


Joy :)

P.S. Photo taken one week later (Saturday, APRIL 19th). Well, I hope you are happy, Seattle. This is just depressing.

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