Trad Music – That’s Hot

So, it’s actually twenty past one in the morning and we’ve just walked in the door from a night of authentic Trad music (that’s TRADitional Irish Music). We started a Musical Pub Crawl with our hosts, Dez and Larry, at half past seven in Temple Bar at Oliver St. John Gogarty’s Pub.

After a quick intro we moved the group down towards the Snifey Liffey (river) near the Ha’Penny bridge (so nicknamed because a half penny was charged at one time to cross it) to the Ha’Penny Bridge Pub. We spent an hour there listening to the some of the best trad music we have heard since arriving in Ireland.

Our non-trad group then moved to the last pub of the crawl – too many pints to know what this one was called. We spent an hour more under the influence of the bodhran (pronounced “boran”) drum and fiddle singing tra-diddle-dairy-dee-dee along with our docents.

Feeling ever so Irish, we decided to recreate the same pub crawl on our own eight feet after the crawl let out and headed back to Gogarty’s (upstairs, not downstairs where the tourists hang). By this time, Flat Nellie could hardly contain her excitement and decided to indulge in a half pint of cider.

Our pint glasses empty, we moved on over to th Ha’Penny Bridge for the highlight of the evening – a true session being lead by a musical family: father, son and daughter. Amazing to see, hear and watch. We stayed there for the rest of the night.

Now we are home, ready to fall asleep with jigs, reels and polkas still running through our heads and smiles running across each face.

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