Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-14

  • Cleaning the kitchen and doing the laundry – BORING! #
  • Second soccervgame of the day, but no worries. I’m about to show the other guys what “more cowbell!” really means. #
  • I hurt. #
  • I hate Benjamin Linus. No spoilers please. Still on Season 5. #
  • Grandma’s pudding recipe + Trader Joe’s Vanilla Wafers + Mexican Vanilla Extract + perfectly ripened bananas = worth the weight, ahem, wait. #
  • @howtoremovemole is now following me on Twitter. I think I’ve made it, folks. #
  • Hey Paison cheesecake! B-Town, I SO love what you’re doin’ with the place these days. #
  • Team USA! #
  • Played our own little “world cup” today. Won 1-0. Played defense and forward. Had a good game, I thought. I got mad ball skillz, yo. Not. #

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