Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-28

  • With my new Nike+iPod in hand (well, foot really), soon I’ll be #tweetingmymiles . . . #
  • #tweetyourmiles 3.52, avg 10.59 minute mile. woot! woot! That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout @wantat 😉 #
  • Chuck Norris doesn’t see dead people. He makes people dead. #
  • #yournotmytype if you de-friend me on Facebook (or I de-friend you!) #
  • Saturday morning, Team Ghana, it’s ON! #WC2010 woot! woot! #
  • #yournotmytype if this is your first Rodeo. #
  • If you use the word “moist” with any regularity or for any reason whatsoever, #yournotmytype! #
  • Just in from a soccer game, surfing the net in the home office, a salty sea-breeze from the Puget Sound floating through its open windows. #
  • If you look like I could use a drink, #yournotmytype. #
  • Thuroughly enjoying my dinner at Cactus on Alki beach. Best chili relleno EVER. #
  • Thuroughly enjoying my dinner at @EatAtCactus on Alki beach. Best chili relleno EVER. #
  • #ireallywishthat I could pull myself away from #ireallywishthat and #yournotmytype searches on Twitter. ROFL #
  • If you can’t tone it or tan it, #yournotmytype. #
  • #tweetyourmiles 1.52, 11:43 min/mile. I only stopped to walk once, but I swear it meant nothing to me. #
  • Please don’t lose this game, USA! #
  • Great game today USA. I had fun rooting for you (or us)! #
  • Date nite! No kids! Enjoying every minute- and everything on the menu- at @ArcheryBistro in Normandy Park. Best red wines in town per Chad. #
  • Now enjoying a “T-Vice” at the Tin Room in B-Town- Midori, Chambourg, coconut rum, splash of pineapple juice garnished with an orange slice. #
  • My day out with the MIL at Kooza Cirque Du Soleil. Fabulous seats, amazing acrobatics. As usual, Cirq does not disappoint. #
  • #tweetyourmiles 1.46/10:58mm, 1st of 2-part workout. #
  • #tweetyourmiles 1.46/12:35mm, 2 of 2. Interval with walking, mostly ran tho. #

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  1. Joao Says:

    Hi .. I haven’t been to the Festival for many years and hope to visit next year. Are there any dance videos? I remebmer such amazing dance groups that were there, A truly amazing Festival!!Thank you! Anne-Marie

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