Uncle Brett

Uncle Brett is here for a visit that is almost over. Until today he had seen only the numerous malls that the greater Seattle area had to offer for Xmas shopping and taking Clara and JackGwen to see Santa Claus at the University Village for pictures.

Jack was a little anxious at first about meeting Santa. According to Gwen, all morning he was saying, “Santa. No Santa. Santa. No Santa . . .” But, as you can see here, shortly after giving the jolly ol’ elf a high five, Jack was no longer loosing sleep over his big red buddy:

Alas, Santa’s elves were having technical difficulty with their printer, so we got to hang out a bit longer than some and Santa even read them the story of Rudolph:

That was yesterday. Today Clara and I took advantage of the unusually nice Seattle weather – in the 40s, windy, but NOT RAINING! – to take Brett on a ferry ride to the quaint little Maine-like town of Port Gamble. Here’s us enjoying our day:

2 Responses to “Uncle Brett”

  1. P Says:

    I love the picture with the tree in the foreground and your daughter standing by the white picket fence with the green, green grass all around. Love it.

  2. JoyLuck Says:

    Thanks, P! I have a picture of that tree in almost every season as I always make a point to take visitors over to Port Gamble. It is so picturesque – as you can see.

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