Vegas, baby. Vegas

My father recently sent me an article about how digital cinema is coming to Ireland. Why Ireland? “Because, the island is a manageable size and it has the second-highest level of cinema attendance in Europe, with 80 percent of its films coming from Hollywood.”

While Chad and I were in Killarney this past Easter weekend, I decided to go by myself to see a movie. It was Good Friday so, of course, the only place open was the Cineplex. I was interested to see what kinds of movies would be playing for the Irish audience and was somewhat surprised to find that they were all Hollywood movies (I hadn’t read the digital cinema article yet) like Hostage and Valiant and Miss Congeniality. I opted to see the later (Sandra Bullock fans of the world unite!) since I was on my own.

So, for two hours, I went to Vegas. What was interesting was that when the movie ended I realized I was still in Ireland; Killarney to be exact. As the lights came up in the theater and people started chatting with their friends and family with their accents, I suddenly realized that for the past 2 hours I had felt like I was home.

For the past two hours, everyone had been speaking like I speak and things were “normal.” It wasn’t until the movie ended that I recognized the sort of unconscious translating I must be doing in my head when talking with people. Don’t get me wrong, English is my first language and all, but, I think, something goes on in your head when you are listening to people speak English with an accent. You pay closer attention to make sure you understand what they are saying. For the last two hours, I hadn’t had to do that.

Anyway, I guess in the initial few minutes after the movie ended I truly felt like a foreigner for the first time since the day we arrived. Hmm.

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  1. Knud Möller Says:

    I just stumbled across this by pure chance… “English with an accent” – that’s funny. Everyone speaks English with an accent, whether it is a Killarney accent or some American accent. Not that it really matters, but I just thought I would say that. Cheers!

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