Warm Springs

This morning, Clara, my mother and I drove to Warm Springs, home of Roosevelt’s Little White House (Remember Roosevelt? You might have seen FDR on TV if you are old enough to remember it – oh wait, no, the TV hadn’t quite been invented yet).

Anyway, we just walked around the little downtown (all of one street) and ate a lunch of traditional Southern fare at The Bullock House. Here is a little of what we saw:

A cute, quaint little town. But did you get an errie feeling looking at those pix that it was a little TOO cute and a little TOO quaint. I mean, I feel like I’ve seen a lamp like that somewhere before:

Amityville Horror anyone? You can’t tell me that clown and his self portrait weren’t scary. Suzanne, you KNOW what I’m talkin’ about. And that giant green rabbit? My guess is he hasn’t finished that carrot because his belly is full of wee little infants. Halloween is coming, so maybe I’m just in the mood to get spooked. Warm Springs really is “too cute -LOL!” but I won’t be going there at night any time soon, let’s put it that way.

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