Whale Dress

I saw this dress (not the one pictured above) in the Daily Style section of the blogger I’d most like to emulate and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. So, I checked out her etsy store suggestions (everything etsy is handmade) and found the dress Clara is wearing above at the CourtneyCourtney shop.

I had to have this particular dress if only as a shout out to my Georgia girl, Allison, who I was reminded on our trip to the Grand Canyon LOVES all things whale:

In fact, we did our Senior physics project in high school on the echolocation of whales. Of course, we got an A.

I’m really loving Etsy and am trying to talk my friend Sandra into putting the jewelry she’s making (which I hope to feature here soon) up on an etsy store.

Etsy, Etsy, Etsy! I heart Etsy!!

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  1. courtneycourtney Says:

    Wow! She is so hip and cute!

    So happy you found my work!
    Enjoy 😀


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