What American Pie And The Mobius Strip Have In Common

For some reason today, it struck me as interesting to think about the associations one has with the people in their lives and how perfectly random they are; These associations make up the primary key for each person in the database of your mind. How cool is that?

Like, I will forever and always IMMEDIATELY think of my father whenever Don McLean’s American Pie comes on. I’ve known from the age of 5 that it is his favorite song and can distinctly remember the worn 8-track in our green Dodge Dart.

I have a similar IMMEDIATE reaction whenever I see the symbol for infinity. We used to argue, when I was about 7 or 8, about the mobius strip, making them out of construction paper and watching it “suddenly” change from having two sides to just one. I never bought it, even though once created my pen could draw a line on both sides without ever having to be lifted. The true test of a one sided object, apparently.

Offer me a Kudos bar and I will right away think of my mother and tell you that if you asked her what it was she would pronounce it “Ka-dews.” Without fail. Every time. No matter how many times you tell her it is pronounced “Kew-does” like when you are giving someone props.

Associations of my father: American Pie – Mobius Strip – Ground Hogs (a.k.a Round Frogs) – DOS prompts – National Geographic Magazines.

Associations of my mother: Kudos Bars – Bedspreads – Plastic Grocery Bags – The act of wiping the table after dinner.

Associations of my grandmothers: (maternal) Banana Pudding – Crickets – Yellow Softballs – Feeding Horses – Gas Heaters; (paternal) Trains at Night – Big Wheels – Dumplings – Sand.


The talk of associations and the fact that my previous blog post involved a lyrical analysis, is a good lead in to this video from YouTube that visually shows the “real meaning of American Pie” – Enjoy:

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