What Happens At Chopstix, Stays At Chopstix?

Last night we had a bachelorette party for our friend Jenny and went to a piano bar in Seattle (called Chopstix) – a classic venue for bachelorettes. Good times were had by all, especially the Bride-to-Be. She even got on stage and acted out the movements to a wholesome tune (I literally hear EVERY DAY) – Head, Sholders, Knees & Toes (made somewhat less wholesome as some of the body parts might have been changed a bit)!!! See for yourself . . .

Me & Jenny:
The gals:
Heidi & T:
Carrie & Shma (aka Maria):
There’s something about Gwen . . .

That Carrie doesn’t like:
(No, I’m kidding. Carrie was not a fan of the Washington Cougars fight song being played over that of the Washington Huskies. You can imagine the tussle, what with cats, dogs and birds all in the mix!)

Head, Shoulders, T&A, T&A (That’s “Toes & A-knees”, of course!):

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