What’s in a Name?

Now, Shakespeare wrote “a rose by any other name would smell the sweet” and here in Ireland they seem to have taken it to heart. Not only is Johnny Rockets renamed Eddie Rockets out here (see Why Cut The Cheese?”), but TJ Maxx is TK Maxx and JC Penny’s has an Irish cousin just known simply as “Pennys”.

Cereal hasn’t escaped re-naming either, as evidenced by “Frosties” (Frosted Flakes), “Honey Loops” (Cheerios), and “Frosted Shreadies” (Frosted Mini-Wheats). This must have something to do with the culture here. They must perform extensive consumer tests to see how the cerals are accepted under different names. What does it say when “Frosted Flakes” is an unacceptable name to another country? Of course, perhaps I’m being a bit presumptuous that they were “our” names first?

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