When In Rome . . .

. . . do as the Romans do. That means form lines in clumps and then boldly cut in front of those who’ve been there an hour. It’s amazing how many people won’t question what makes you so special.

So, yes, we arrived today and, thankfully, I’ve been studying up on my italiano so that we were able, with only minor difficulty, to direct il tassi driver to our albergo. From our room at the Hotel Columbus we look directly out to the Basillica San Pietro (St. Peter’s Cathedral) in the Vatican City.

Being so close we explored the Basillica this afternoon after an authentic lunch at a nearby pizzarea. Shockingly enough, they were out of pizza at the pizzarea. So we had the next best thing – pasta. After resting in the room a bit, we stepped back out on the town looking for a highly recommended pizzarea called Baffeto (thanks Shma!). The (European-style) line to the place was literally out the door and the pizza was delicioso – mm, mm, good.

Tomorrow morning we will explore the Colloseum and Roman Forums on our own, then take an afternoon tour to the Appian Way (Ecco Romana!) and Catacombs. I’ll try to get pictures up on the picture page tomorrow notte.

Monday we’ve decided to take a day trip out to Naples and Pompeii. I’m very excited about that! Will keep you “posted” as the trip unfolds. For now, arrivaderci!

Train Station:
Our little hotel room:
Our view of St. Pete’s Cathedral from the room:

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  1. Carrie Howell Says:

    I LOVED Pompei. Have a blast and sing a song for me in the center of the amphitheater.

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