While I Shipped Champagne On A Yacht

Last night we celebrated Gwen’s 32nd Birthday by going out for drinks, dinner and karaoke in Seattle.

The night began at The Attic Alehouse followed by dinner at The Cactus in Madison Park. As we parked the car, I looked out my passenger side window to see this:

Talk about sending a mixed message! Isn’t that a picture of a dog there? Am I expected to leash my cat and my chinchilla since no dogs are allowed?

If you are ever in Seattle and you like good Mexican food, do be sure to visit one of the Cactus Restaurants. You will not be disappointed! Be sure to wear pants with an elastic waistband, as you will be needing to make space for your muffin top to be free! free at last!

Gwen and Heidi at The Attic Alehouse:
The Girlzzz at The Cactus Restaurant:

After dinner, only Gwen, Carrie and myself were able to continue on to the best little Karaoke joint in town, a Chinese Restaurant in the International District known as Bush Garden. There you can be swindled out of your karaoke songs by the Karaoke host who thinks he’s on American Idol AND that Simon really likes him. So, he keeps telling you how there is not enough time for your song then proceeds to sing Prince’s Kiss which he’s “been working on.”

That, folks, is what being the 1st Place 2001 Washington State Karaoke winner does to you. You forget the little guys, who can’t sing but are still willing to do so in front of drunken crowds at crazy Chinese karaoke bars!

Scott, the 5th Place 2001 Washington State Karaoke winner:

agreed that 1st Place’s ego had really warped him over the years. That was too bad for us. Gwen and I only got to sing Prince’s Little Red Corvette (which we, unfortunately, had not been working on) and White Snake’s “Here I Go Again.”

The rest of the time we had to watch very cliche or weirdly bizarre karaoke videos. The best was the one for Charlene’s “I’ve Never Been To Me.”

Note to self: If ever I need to shoot a low budget karaoke video, do not forget the Ken and Barbie in Clara’s dollhouse. When you are on a budget and you’re all out of real people . . . . reach for an anatomically incorrect plastic doll.

(Dude, that is a great Tag Line!)

I mean, where did the inspiration for that video come from? Do Matel’s Board of Directors frequently “ship” champagne on a yacht? Search me.

There you have it folks – Gwen’s 32nd Birthday Extravaganza!

Hasta La Vista!

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