Who’s Who?

For all you HATERS (j/k :) who keep saying that Clara “looks just like Chad,” take a moment to compare a picture of me taken the day I turned 5 weeks old (February 23, 1976) and of Clara taken by me today on her 5 week birthday:

2 Responses to “Who’s Who?”

  1. christina june Says:

    looks to me like both ladies got big mouths! that’s her momma’s girl!!! Joy, you are so cute little momma. I love all the pics. I’ve been checking up on your blog regularly and love love love the clara-fest.

    hope you are having fun (and getting some rest?)

    miss you!

  2. Carrie Howell Says:

    I still say she looks like Chad. You oth have 2 eyes and brown hair, though.

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