Wuz Up?

Well, I haven’t posted anything on my blog since Election Day, but please don’t think it’s because I was overly distraught at it’s outcome. Nope, it’s just that life has gotten in the way and on November 5th our house was robbed and I’ve been dealing with that ever since. Talking politics became a luxury I couldn’t afford for the time being. Putting together the list of stolen property and serial numbers and proof of what we owned and what we paid for the insurance is “kind of a big deal around here.” Blah. Plus, it is a big old pain to start fresh on a new computer and takes more time than one might think. I’m ready to move on now. We’ve got a new door and it’s beautiful. And we have a new front porch that I never got the chance to post pictures of on the blog here, so I’m going to do that today.

I heart October, but November and I don’t get along so well. It starts raining every day and is windy and cold. As Clara would say, “I don like it.” Which is what she says whenever I put a vegetable in front of her. So, in my own little protest, I’ve still got my pumpkins out on the front porch and intend to keep them there until Thanksgiving if at all possible. Plus, the one that Vonnie made for Clara this year looks so great that I couldn’t bear to part with it any time soon.

That’s wuz up, folks.

4 Responses to “Wuz Up?”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Looks great, Joy! Glad to know ya’ll are getting along okay.

  2. JoyLuck Says:

    Thanks, darling! We still have to get an iron door for the back and for security I want one for the front, but then it’s going to cover up my beautiful new front door. Not sure what we’ll end up doing. I think we may get some security cameras. We shall see. . .

  3. Jennifer Vogt Says:

    I am glad that you guys are okay. Love the new door!

  4. Traci Says:

    Hey Joy, I love your new porch and door. Too bad you have to go through that to get such a nice curb apeal. See you soon

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