You Did It!

I’m proud to say I am raising a child who is not afraid to toot her own horn.
She’s learning the fine art of blowing bubbles and though she is not yet a master, she is pretty consistently able to blow a bubble or two on her own without just hurling spit through the bubble wand. Every time she makes a bubble she encourages herself by exclaiming, “You did it!” I guess she’s one of those that likes to refer to herself in the 3rd person. Actually, you is 2nd person, isn’t it? Well, that’s good, I guess. It means her social skills could go either way at this point.

Who Did It? from Joy Fisher on Vimeo.

This went on for twenty minutes and only stopped because she was out of bubble fluid and mommee wouldn’t give her any more.

5 Responses to “You Did It!”

  1. Jennifer L Says:

    What a sweet video. Clare-bear is such a cutie-pie!

  2. Gwen Says:

    Once again, I love it! Her first phrases/sentences are sooo great.

  3. Uwes Says:

    Cyril!!!!i had my first dream with u today .when u come to Israel? i hope this month yet learn my 100 magic trick!Cyril please come to ISRAEL if not i waiintg for finish the army and i’ll find u!

  4. Mohammd Says:

    中学校の美術の教科書に馬とバイクの作品が載っていたんだって。それだけ素晴らしいアートなんですね。個性をうまく出せるアートは、自分の感性を出せていいですよね。高山さんは、自分のアートはなんですか?私は、自分自身がアートになるように努力しています。アートを物で表すか、自分自身で表すか,その人によりますよね。趣味のシャドーボックス面白いですよ。My daugther know aardley this art, when she was junior high school.That means it is wonderful art, isnt it?I like art so much! Because we can show easy about ourself.What is your art, Takayama-san ?I want to be art by myself. I try to do my best.Some person shows the art by things. Other person shows the art by oneself. That is each one diffrent.My hoby is 「shadow box」Its very fine (^0^)/

  5. Navas Says:

    I also had a wax treatment, but with my erbyeows. It was painful at first, but after a few minutes I could finally handle it. It was definitely worth it and I might try it again later! I love all your comics and I look forward to reading another.

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