Your Car Is Toast

“No pun intended”, the medic response guy said, trying to lighten the mood immediately after the accident. He wasn’t just whistling dixie on that one, either.

A friend and I were the victims in an car accident last night that left us both shaken AND stirred following being rear-ended HARD by a speeding driver who put our car into a MAJOR tailspin on the freeway. While we were assessing whether we were both okay, once the car finally stopped, I realized the car was on fire and we scrambled out of there to safety down the shoulder of the highway.

Because I’ve been playing it in my mind over and over since it happened, I decided to write about the experience in detail on my writing blog The Joy of Wahm-ing. The post is called What If and if you want to read it, you can click here.

As a teaser, I’ll provide this, a picture of my once cute little red razor cell phone that was only a few short months old, now looking like it’s been “rode hard and hung up wet” as my mother would say. Amazingly, I thought to grab my little purse that it was in when I initially left the burning vehicle. But, I dropped it by the car at some point when I went back to help pull my friend out.

If that description and this picture doesn’t leave you wanting more then I’m not even half as decent a writer as I one day hope to be!

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